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If you are a DevOps and would like to work with us, you just have to register, totally free.
What is the idea? Very easy. Only with your registration we will look for the job for you. Believe it, it’s that easy.

Digital DevOps looks for companies that need DevOps services without having to hire staff to move to their offices, unless the client requires it. All work is carried out online, in a completely digital framework.

Digital DevOps understands that current circumstances have significantly changed the traditional work model, which is why we offer fully digital and online services.

How does it work? Let’s imagine that a customer needs to implement a CI model that includes only continuous development and continuous testing. This project should be done in 6 months for 2 DevOps. But this company does not plan to hire new staff or hire a consulting firm, as it would increase the project budget.

Perfect, Digital DevOps will find the 2 DevOps to work on the client’s project, without the need for direct contracting by the customer and with maximum benefit for all parties. DevOps get the standard rate for their services, Digital DevOps a small percentage for the management and the client does not need to directly hire new staff or involve their HR or recruitment staff, so that also saves costs.

If you are interested, you just have to click HERE and fill out the form.