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The main goal of Digital DevOps is to offer its clients the opportunity to build projects with the best quality of service at the lowest cost. To overcome this challenge, we approach services from a new perspective, with a model that breaks the traditional ways of guiding the hiring of services for a defined period of time.

We help our clients to develop a DevOps project without having to go through the tedious monotony of searching for candidates, interviewing them several times and finally hiring them for an indefinite period of time, (until the project is concluded).

Digital DevOps is responsible for selecting those DevOps that meet the needs of our clients, interview them and reach a commercial agreement for a defined time, only what the project needs, thus saving companies unnecessary costs.

Let’s take an example. Let’s imagine a company that needs to automate some of its Company procedures.The project will build a pipeline that will involve different systems and will end up automating the development, delivery and installation processes of a product. For this, it is necessary to contract the services of 2 DevOps for 2 months. But our client does not want to carry out the entire process of selection and contracting of DevOps, nor charge the project with higher costs by hiring a consultancy that offers the service. Therefore, Digital DevOps will cross the information about the project with the DevOps files registered with us, selecting only those that meet the technological needs of the client company. Candidates will be interviewed and finally will offer the best candidates with a commitment to develop the project in the times set by the client.

Digital DevOps adjusts to current times and circumstances and offers a totally transparent digital service with excellent results, since there is a total commitment to achieve the project in the time and quality necessary, without incurring higher costs.

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