Boosting creativity

Through the use of creativity we generate ideas and solve problems, or generate new associations between existing ideas, people, places or objects. This allows us to carry out processes that demonstrate original thinking, build knowledge and develop innovative products and processes.

Along these lines, we want to encourage all DevOps to feed this part of the portal with some mockups, containers, etc. that they can help other colleagues in their work. Any ideas are welcome. For our side, we will shortly start uploading open source content.
If you have a mockup, script, container, etc., that you want to share, please send us an email with the information and the link, and we will be happy to publish it here.

Our intention is to create a community in which we can all contribute with our knowledge different ways of doing work, for example we can provide an image with an application server that already contains the deployed applications so that other colleagues can use them to learn, or perhaps we can provide a script set to deploy some apps automatically, etc. The main idea is to create a community that helps all DevOps.

Please, if you have ideas to improve this part of the portal, send them to us.